Good morning / ~afternoon / ~ evening,

Self taught artist mainly Inspired by nature and fantasy, discovered the art of leather mask making in 2006. I specialize in making masks and leather accessories. But I also love designing leather bags, jewelry, corsets and armoury. 

Everytime I create a new piece for you I am making a new one, so I’m always getting better and learning something new about the process of each item made.

While most leatherwork is mechanized, I have chosen traditional hand-craft methods to create more individualized pieces. This approach frees me to experiment, especially with shapes. When working with leather, handcrafted produces the highest quality, not only because the leather is relating to the sense of touch.

My leatherwork is original in design and each piece is hand-cut, dyed, finished and hand stitched.

The masks and other leather work have been sold to customers all over the world, and featured in shows & performances like Operas Falstaff,  The goat riders, Sutra Dance Theatre.

I’m always into doing tailored designs, Customizing designs and answering any questions you may have about my art.

A selection of my previous creations can be viewed in the portfolio.