For clients all over the world, I have been designing and creating one of a kind leather pieces for more than 14 years now. So if you have an idea in mind and want it made or you want a mask to fit your outfit…. I’m always happy to create custom designs.

There is no limit to how I can customize products to fit your needs. You can customize nearly every option. It  can be as simple as adapting one of the existing designs, changing the shape or the color slightly, or I can createa new and original design from scratch. 

Requesting a  custom made creation.

Custom masks are often not more expensive than an existing mask from the catalog which is the closest equivalent to what you’re looking for. If you describe the design you want to me, I’ll give you a estimate of the costs.
Payment Plans: In most cases I allow for installments or monthly payments.
The time it takes to complete a mask depends on a number of variables, including the availability of any special materials, how many orders that have previously been scheduled during that time period,  as well as the orders proximity to busy seasons or festivals such as Elfia. 
As an example, if you want a custom mask for Halloween, please don’t request it in the first week of October.
Plan on at least 4-6 weeks from the time you approve a final design. Rush orders (guaranteed to ship within two weeks) are available for a rush charge of 50% of the price of the creation.
Reference materials:
If you can provide sketches, reference photos, or even fabric swatches, it can be very helpful in creating your special order. You can also refer to our gallery to help narrow down the specific style you are looking for.
Important, please note:
All my mask designs are original. I do not make masks based on other artist’s designs, or on copyrighted or trademarked characters. If you represent the company which owns the copyright or trademark to the mask or character in question, I might consider bending this rule. Otherwise, the answer is no. So please don’t ask me to create a mask or a character from your favorite movie, game or comic book.
Characters from mythology or literature – where the specifics of the mask design are open to interpretation are fine. 
Ofcours I realize that not everyone is good at sketching, so I don’t mind if you want to send me a picture of a mask, saying “I’d like my mask to look or interpret something like this”. Just don’t expect me to copy that mask exactly.

If what you want is some variation on one of my standard creations, the sketch stage may not be necessary.
If the design is a new and original one, it will be important to create a sketch first,  to make sure that we have the same idea as to how the creation will look like.

Sketches for new custom designs require a € 30,-nonrefundable deposit (this will be settled with the price of the design). Once the sketch is done, and you’re satisfied with the design, I can give you a final price quote.


I can match colors to a costume at no extra charge. If you can send me swatches of the costume material, I can match the colors almost perfectly. If you only can send me pictures, I also will try to match the colors,
but ofcours the color on the picture is never the same as the real thing. So there may be color difference.

Face castings:

If you want me to design a mask for you, the ideal way is to make a cast of your face. Working with a face cast is the only way to absolutely ensure that a mask will fit perfectly from the first time you put it on.
It is not absolutely necessary to make a face casting. Leather masks will over time, adapt themselves to you and without a cast I will ofcourse use your measurements.
But if you really want a top of the line, perfectly customized mask, a face cast is recommended.
The price of a face cast is € 40,- You can also make your own face cast at home and send it to me if you prefer.

Creating the design:

When we have agreed on the design, the price and I have your measurements, I am going to work on the creation itself. While making your design, I will send you photos of the different phases.

More information or to request a quote:

Dana Oxley
Dana Oxley
29 Aug, 2019
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Beautiful craftsmanship and very nice shop to work with. They were super helpful!!
20 Aug, 2019
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Ordered some leaves to put on my bracers and they were perfect and beautifully painted. It was also super quick and the maker is really friendly.
Miss Woosterlicious
Miss Woosterlicious
19 Jun, 2019
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Gorgeous just as picture. Seller very nice too
12 may 2019
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It's beautifully crafted, nicely painted and have nice movement. The owner communicated with me very well......Because of the shape of the leaves, it doesn't really want to stay on my shoulder very well, but I'm also very small, so it might just be that. I must say again that the paint job was great, and over all the pauldron is beautiful.
Barbara15 april 2019
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The bags are both absolutely unique and lovingly made. Sonny has painted beautiful color combinations on his self-designed bags - all my wishes have been so fantastically implemented - as other color combinations that turned out just exactly as I had in mind. Thank you for your wonderful work and also great communication!
27 maart 2019
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Het masker is absoluut prachtig, ik heb hem nu al een tijdje en hij blijft mooi!! De kwaliteit is echt super, heb eindelijk na jaren telkens bij hun stand te hebben gestaan bij festivals toch wat moois gekocht. Er zijn geen negatieve woorden over te zeggen. Echt top!
Nìniel Astraëa
Nìniel Astraëa
22 dec 2018
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Superbes spallières personnalisées. Un travail remarquable !