Workshop Leather processing.

In these inspiring workshops you get the chance to get acquainted with the natural product leather, the various processing techniques and you can get acquainted with techniques that were often used in the past.

Because the leather is not yet colored, it can be optionally painted afterwards.

You can choose from the following accessories:

A bracelet, key ring or a hairpin. Depending on your choice in the creation you want to make,
the following techniques can be treated:

  • Learn to carve / incise, burn, form, paint
  • Patterns (transferring a pattern to leather).
  • Stamping leather (with the help of stamps a drawing applied in the leather is knocked out/beaten).
  • Filigree (with this technique you cut out parts of a pattern).
  • Combining materials with leather.

Costs € 45, – including the use of the required materials / tools & some goodies with coffee / tea.

Course duration: 3 to 4 hours. Can be held on a morning, afternoon or evening (extension possible).

Location: Atelier Wanneperveen. From 6 to … people, it can also be given on location (travel costs € 0.19 per km).

More information or to reserve:

Contact me by mail or phone.