A selection from custom designs that I created for use in television, music clips, theater, cosplay and more.
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Labora Ognya

Fire show, Stilt walking and inflamed juggling.

Labora Ognya is an association law 1901, shows and fire jugglery, created in 2011, by two artists and friends: Steph and John join a few years later by Gaven.

Over the years, the association has evolved, thanks to the cooperation of various artists: Guillaume, Ophélie, Antoine or Cécile and will be distinguished primarily in a medieval fantasy.

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Task Compagnie ~ performance art

Between dream and Reality…

It is by the entrance of the dream and the unusual, that she tries to stimulate the imagination and the reflection, so that everyone can glimpse the space of a moment, the world of all possible.

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Work In Progress Images showing components at various stages of completion from throughout the course of the creations to give insight to the crafting process. Only a fraction of my past creations are featured here.
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