Leather repairs

I will be able to repairs or adjust many creations for you. I can paint dull or bald spots again with our leather paint.
Also repair to stitching and sewing work, for excample for a belt or a bridle.

Just contact me or drop by my studio and we will view the possibilities together.

You can also add photos in the contact form. So I can look in advance at what options I can offer you an give an indication of the cost.

Jewelry repairs

A lot of jewelry has a story attached to it. A necklace that you have purchased on holiday, a bracelet that you have received from a good friend or an heirloom that was from your mother or grandmother. When a piece of jewelry is broken, it often ends up in a drawer.
That is of course very unfortunate, because it is usually possible to repair this jewelry.

I can repair almost any necklace or bracelet for you. When you take the jewelry to the store, we discuss the options and you will receive a quotation in advance.

Is your jewelry missing something? I will look for the same materials for you or offer you the best alternative. Usually I have done the repair within a few days, but if it is possible then I will repair your jewelry immediately.

More information or to request a quote: